07 November 2014

Steeliphobes Set To Push Radiophobes Into Second Place!

Pity the poor Radiophobes because they simply cannot see the wood for the trees.

They are utterly blind to the media driver: "If it bleeds, it leads". They believe the distortions and hyperbole put about by professional reporters and presenters needing scare-stories to peddle their wares.

These professionals possess unimaginable power and zero responsibility - What an unholy cocktail!
Has anyone ever seen this in the Headlines?
"...Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide live or work in close proximity to steel mills. Integrated steel production generates chemical pollution containing compounds that can induce genetic damage..."
Air pollution induces heritable mutations.

Or this?

"...Integrated steel millsproduce chemical mutagens that contaminate aquatic and atmospheric environments (1,2). and may pose a genetic hazard to humans and wildlife. Herring gulls (Larus argentatus) nesting near mill sites on the Great Lakes were shown to have higher germline mutation rates at minisatellite DNA loci than those at rural sites (3), and mutation frequency increased with colony proximity to integrates steel mills (4). It was postulated that inhaled airborne contaminents emitted from steel mills, such as polycyclic aromatic compounds, were largely responsible for mutation induction..."
"...Our results indicate that human and wildlife populations in proximity to integrated steel mills may be at risk of developing germline mutations more frequently because of the inhilation of airborne chemical mutagens..."

To Radiophobes Everywhere:

You poor Wretches!
Stop worrying about minute levels of radiation from remote nuclear power plants, calm the befuddled activities in your brain and concentrate on the 
far-from-imaginary problems of everyday life:

The chemical mutagens in every breath you take and every mouthful of food and liquid you consume. 

This should be of a thousand times more concern to you and your's than the screaming headlines about radiation that are hurled at you in the scare stories from the powerful media morons.