21 June 2011

Nick Griffin advocates LFTRs to EU Environmental Committee.

Way back on 19 April 2011, with a cerebral perception, removed from the peculiar racist part of his brain and, what seemed, a genuine concern for people with black skin subjected to increasing starvation caused by biofuel production, Nick Griffin promoted LFTRs.


Whilst he dismissed Global Warming  he homed in on Peak Oil as the basis for EU consideration of LFTRs.

What a waste of a consumate communicator, to have a mind filled with protecting his nationalism (whatever that is), when he should be using all of that grey matter in the cause of promoting the technology to save all humanity.

14 June 2011

Wind Farm Wars - Best TV for Ages.

It's ended now, but there are some YouTube bits if you search for 'Wind Farm Wars'

I went on to the Blog of Director, Jeremy Gibson:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tv/2011/05/windfarm-wars.shtml#jump_more
it was a revalation to read it had taken 7 years to complete, but if it is repeated please do take the chance to watch it - compelling TV at its best.

I also felt compelled - to try to get the sad story of how thorium-fuelled, thermal breeder reactors were sidelined 40 years ago, when their adoption would have prevented the worst 40 years of planetry pollution and endangerment ever.

I put it to Mr. Gibson, as follows:

At 19:06 14th Jun 2011, You wrote:
Many congratulations, Mr. Gibson; the most compelling TV I've seen in many a year and I saw my first bit in about 1948.

Everybody should know what we're doing without, in paying vast sums for inconsequential renewables, apart from the £1 billion we pay every year in hidden subsidies on our energy bills.

Have a look at this:

You should note that nuclear is neck-and-neck with CCGT and if you add a carbon tax or fuel price increase, nuclear is ahead on its own. Onshore wind is money down the drain and offshore wind even moreso.

I Blog on "LFTRs to Power the Planet" at:

LFTRs are hundreds of times safer than LWRs and post-Fukushima, the sad, historical side-tracking of a thorium-fuelled, thermal, breeder reactor, which could have nullified the worst 40 years of planetary pollution and endangerment, needs telling - in spades.

It's a tale of powerful politicians and military generals controlling $billions of cold-war funds, in league with scientists with agendas, not having the foresight to switch from reactors which answered the military's problems to the right reactor for civil power production.

Alvin Weinberg, the doyen of Molten Salt Reactor design, operation and experimentation, invented and patented LWRs, of which the Fukushima reactors were the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) version. He railed against the use of LWRs for civil purposes, fearing loss-of-coolant/meltdown accidents (Fukushima-style). We, in the thorium-proponent camp know that LFTRs are very capable of coming through such natural disasters, because of their inherent safety characteristics - they are walk-away-safe.

Humanity will owe a debt of gratitude to the first documentary maker who gets this story onto front-line TV.

04 June 2011

Kirk Sorensen - Inspirational, or what!!

Below is a comment I made to a Guardian article: The Saturday interview: Richard Branson.   http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2011/jun/04/richard-branson-war-on-drugs-interview

4 June 2011 2:35PM

Dear Sir Richard,

You say: "I've made all the money I need to make. I can put that money to good use, and I should."

Would you please take the opportunity to listen to a 50 minutes podcast, in which you will hear Kirk Sorensen say: "It is the possibility of a new age of humanity. I truly believe we are on the cusp of a Thorium Age and it will define a thousand years of human history..... if this thorium age comes about..... energy will become less expensive, it will become more accessible and there will be enough of it to lift the vast majority of humanity out of the grinding poverty they endure today."

A couple of weeks ago, Kirk started up Flibe Energy, which needs funds if it is to get the first-of-a-kind Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) up and running quickly, to kick-start the Thorium Age. Put that money to good use.

You will be doing for LFTRs what Bill Gates is doing for the inconsequential Travelling Wave Reactor (TWR).

The podcast link is: http://www.financialsense.com/financial-sense-newshour/big-picture/2011/05/28/03/kirk-sorensen/thorium-could-be-our-energy-silver-bullet

Kirk is so inspirational, I would urge anyone curious about the prospects for LFTRs to listen to the full interview.