08 February 2015

WindIdiots Stop Now - Stop Damaging Our Wild Spaces! Stop Delaying Solutions!

In 6 Slides - How Damaging, How Monstrous And How Useless Wind Turbines Are:

And That's Not All!

For the Whole Of 2014, all of the Performance Data for UK Wind Farms is detailed on this Page:

It's 1,008,000 kg Versus 190 kg!

Here's a 14 x 14 array of 3 kW kettles:

Now try to picture this payload at the foot of a 479 feet high Monstrosity:

Every Member of Greenpeace, every Member of Friends of The Earth and every Concerned Environmentalist should consider the Ridiculous Imbalance in the use of Precious Resources against the Pathetic Performance of Wind Turbines.

Think seriously about the Destruction of Eco-Systems and Wildlife. Think about the degradation of our Pristine Countryside and Coastline Environments.

Think how you've dragged back in the past and continue to delay the introduction of Gen IV Breeder Reactor Technology:



  1. A good summary Colin, however it is if anything over optimistic because of the amount of power needed by each turbine when the wind doesn't blow or is too strong. They need to be kept turned into the wind, the shafts need to be slowly rotated to stop the shafts from bending, when it is frosty the blades need to be warmed to stop the build up of ice and the gearboxes heated to keep the oil from solidifying. At such times they draw a not inconsiderable amount of power from the grid. The manufacturers don't give figures for this. I think we can guess why.

  2. From your maths, you are suggesting that a Bosch 3kw kettle takes 1 hour to boil. If it takes 2 minutes to boil a kettle then the figure would be more accurately be 190 * 30 = 5700 kettles. But that doesn't sound as bad does it? Those same turbines currently produce something like 9% of our electricity needs in the UK.

  3. @ChrisM-this article is flawed in so many ways it's difficult to know where to start, however for starters, turbines shafts do not bend and turbines do not draw import power to keep the blades turning, utter nonsense. The import power to a turbine represents >1% of the electricity it will generate, to compare, have a look how much power a coal or nuclear power station draws to operate.
    In terms of kettles, you need to look at kWh not kW.

    1. Please point out the flaws.

      Are the figures wrong?