17 October 2010

We've Hoped! We've Prayed! Now Let's Do Something!!

They ought to do something about it!

Every time you see it, your heart feels like a brick, and somebody, somewhere should do something to make it right!

Those of us who have beliefs, pray for intervention and their relief from such deprivation. The rest of us just hope that politics, free-markets, capitalism, world banks, charity, anything...will improve things and stop this from happening again. After we've done our praying and hoping, it's back to life; we've got a living to make, mortgage to pay, clothes to put on backs, heating and lighting bills to pay and our favourite charities to support. It's not all that sumptuous, but life's pretty good.

Couldn't life be just that little bit fairer?

At the very least, everybody ought to have food on the table! And then, shouldn't they have clothes on their backs? Then shelter? Then warmth? Then light?

LFTRs to Power the Planet!

What's the latest plan?

The latest plan is to contact religious leaders of every conceivable denomination, in the UK, to establish if a policy can be implemented to inform, persuade, cajole or even instruct congregations to vote for a single-issue party 'The LFTRs to Power the Planet Party' at the next election. If one or more denominations are prepared to politicise their religion, over this one issue, then political impact would be ensured.

Plan 'B' would be to seek ways and means from religious leaders as to how congregations and followers can be inspired to become politically active or activists in support of LFTR production in the UK?

I'll be doing the writing and emailing to all of the multifarious leaders and I'll be reporting on the volume and nature of their responses.

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