09 December 2010

Archbishop Rowan - Just one of who knows how many insulated leaders?

From his office of Public Affairs, it is thought: "....unlikely that he will choose to seek to make the Church of England support one particular response to the technological challenges surrounding the environmental crisis.".

I accidentally stumbled across my first bit of information about LFTRs and within 24 hours, my feelings were in complete accord with Kirk Sorensen's, when he says, in his 'Google Tech Talks' video: "I really feel like this discovery of thorium and its potential has Earth shattering consequences for us. And that indeed, if we are going to have a sustainable and industrial society on this planet, that it’s going to be dependent on this technology".

It's such a pity the Archbishop is only fed the information other individuals think fit and , sadly, because LFTR articles in the general public media are a bit thin on the ground, it's unlikely he'll ever stumble and fall for LFTRs.


  1. Interesting Colin. I'll send a few emails, not that I have any robust connections. NB: I think the phrase "power-elite ignorance is counterproductive.

    John Duffield
    (I'm not sure why this post is headed "the universe", but nevermind)

  2. I guess the motive should be 'spreading the word', since so few people know of LFTRs. Have changed the Blog heading to reflect this. Where are you 'coming from', John?