04 February 2011

Swimming Upstream.

22 Nuclear Experts emailed and not a single useful reply!!

Are we ever going to make it?

There's a white noise out there, of competing SMRs and Fast Breeders which, by combining characteristics, can get to all of the advantages LFTRs have to offer.

LFTRs do it all, in one unique package - the cheapest, the simplest, the safest, the quickest way to quell the fears of the average man and woman in the street, about what the next 2 or 3 decades could bring down on the head of humankind.

How can we make progress against walls of apathy amongst scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs?

I am most inclined to think that only a £300 million philanthropic injection of cash, will get the first-of-a-kind LFTR to the starting blocks.

Is there anyone out there acquainted with an individual or a fund, who can give them, or it, the opportunity to be recognised for solving some of humankind's worst problems and advancing our progress (particularly of those in the developing world) by several decades.


  1. March 18th - still no response to your emails?

  2. I've had 4 replies, all of which indicated: Don't know anything about them so I can't comment.

  3. Amazing!!!!!