07 April 2011

Sir John Beddington thinks: Forget it! There'll be no LFTRs in the UK....It's too risky!...It's too expensive!

The following is an extract from a DECC email reply, to an enquiry from a gentleman, pointing out LFTR interest in a Daily Telegraph Blog on Nuclear Power: 
The Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir John Beddington, with input from the shadow Nuclear Centre of Excellence and others, recently coordinated an assessment of the prospects for research into advanced thorium reactors.......
The conclusion was that, whilst the science is reasonably sound, developing reactors based on a thorium fuel cycle would carry major technological and commercial risks. The resources required to develop these technologies to the point at which they might be deployed successfully at a commercial scale are also significant.

Daily Telegraph 23 January 2010:

Wind farm subsidies top £1 billion a year

Britain's energy policy faces new controversy as it can be revealed that electricity customers are paying more than £1 billion a year to subsidise windfarms and other forms of renewable energy.

The cold weather has been accompanied by high pressure and a lack of wind, which meant that only 0.2pc of a possible 5pc of the UK's energy was generated by wind turbines over the last few days.

Yes, playing safe politics will keep us in power lads! Keep telling the people what Green Parties we are and keep the subsidies flowing into renewables (whisper, whisper - even though we know they're completely useless!). How many votes would we get sticking £300 million into the first-of-a-kind LFTR - not a lot - we'd have Greenpeace and the rest of those screaming anti-nukes at our throats!

Sir John says it'll be a bit tricky and a bit expensive - we can just tell the media that's the best advice and we've no need to stick our necks out!

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