26 May 2011

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Novel method of assessing public opinion on meeting carbon targets.‏
To chris.huhne.mp@parliament.uk
From:Colin Megson (lftrs@hotmail.co.uk)
Sent:26 May 2011 22:49:50
To: chris.huhne.mp@parliament.uk

Dear Mr. Huhne,

I read the article in The Engineer (Low-carbon policy won't drive out manufacturers, says Huhne. 24 May 2011 | By Stephen Harris) and posted a comment, generally as follows:

Nuclear: Cheap as chips.
Nuclear - 2.2 p/kWh
Onshore Wind - 5.3 p/kWh
Offshore Wind - 7.1 p/kWh
I've got a good idea Mr. Huhne:  Why don't you let manufacturers who support Nuclear pay nuclear prices and those who support Wind pay their preferred Onshore or Offshore prices?
Come to think of it, why don't you let the rest of us do it?

Although a flippant comment, this idea may have some merit, because it is so easy to test. It could well return the best possible quantitive data on the willingness of the electorate to pay for their preferred method of meeting carbon targets. Today, such is the issue of the cost of energy to every individual, that your decisions now may well make you or break you and the Government, by the time of the next election. This information could be of more value to you than a dozen select committee enquiries.

Set up a well publicised website, with the above cost information and a voting window, to allow parties to tick their supply of choice. The most foolproof method I can think of, to prevent voting fraud, will be to allow everyone on the electoral register to vote, with their National Insurance Number being the key to access.

What do you think?


Colin Megson.

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