13 July 2011

Drumming Up Votes for LFTRs on 38 Degrees.

I'm on 'Google Alerts' for things Nuclear, which comes up with many opportunities to add comments to on-line articles about varied nuclear subjects. Below is a copy of one of my responses to such an article and my hope is that anyone reading this might be disposed to respond in a similar manner to any article on which they might comment. Please help where you can to get votes on 38 degrees for LFTRs - would you all please ask your friends on facebook if they would care to vote also?


The first-of-a-kind Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) could be up and running in 5 years, at the piddling cost of £300 million. There are half a dozen UK companies that could manufacture this (glorified) hot-salt chemical plant, so 5 years after that, 100 MWe modular LFTRs could be rolling off production lines at one per day, for £150 million each. In 2 years, we could replace all of our coal and gas fired power stations (LFTRs are load-following), at a cost of £30 billion per year for 2 years - saving £50 billion from the £110 billion Chris Huhne just announced in the Commons.
38 degrees is a Campaigning Organisation which can lobby parliament on behalf of important causes and your vote for LFTRs is needed. LFTR manufacture would create manufacturing jobs, growth and prosperity not seen in 3 generations. See: http://38degrees.uservoice.com/forums/78585-campaign-suggestions/suggestions/2017457-uk-manufacture-of-liquid-fluoride-thorium-reactors?ref=title 

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