30 August 2011


Doesn't it stink to high heaven?

Is the NNL independant? - Does David Cameron love Nick Clegg?

The Bishop of Hereford spotted it. But Lord Marland trots out the usual platitudes knowing full well that the vested (URANIUM) interests behind the NNL and Professor Paul Howarth (see his letter below) will hold sway.

Nothing - NOT A SINGLE PENNY - of taxpayers money will be spent on assessing the benefits that LFTR research and development could mean to UK economic growth, manufacturing jobs and prosperity.

There is a Christian and Church of England perspective on such deviousness. Maybe it's time the Archbishop of Canterbury took an interest in a technology that the British manufacturing industry can readily accomodate. More importantly,  at half the price of equivalent PWRs, LFTRs are affordable by the developing world - with all the implications of:  

                          affordable energy = reduction in population growth.   

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