08 March 2012


Countries and Regions of the developing world will be spending untold £billions on coal fired power stations, which need to be sited near huge bodies of water to deal with the useless waste heat from their steam turbines. Inefficient transmission lines are needed to get electricity to arid regions and then the electricity can be used to desalinate brackish ground water or sea water. The overall efficiency of such complexity might just be 10%, but it could be much less.
I had to comment on this Report:   http://www.euractiv.com/specialreport-waterpolicy/water-sanitation-opportunity-donors-analysis-511318#comment-3014   and as I did so, I though what a piddling amount the £300 million is, to get the first-of-a-kind LFTR built, which offers the prospect of getting potable water for next to nothing!

If only the heads of the Heads of States could get together, to begin to appreciate the enormity of the economic value, as well as the environmental value of kick-starting a LFTR manufacturing programme.

Is there an individual politician, technocrat, business man or organisation out there who can drive this message home, to those Nations and Regions that can benefit so much?

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