30 June 2012

David Cameron Could Halve The Price Of Electricity

"The Greenest Government Ever"

Will I get a reply?

I'll let you know!


  1. Maybe you shouldn't have written in a comic font - good content, but it looks as if it shouldn't be taken seriously. Try something like Georgia, Garamond or Times New Roman and it will look a lot more serious and professional.

    - James

    1. Don't know much about Fonts (or terminology), but I can't stand any of them with'serifs'.

      Can you suggest anything else?

  2. Agree with the above poster regarding fonts; I find that Times New Roman is usually pretty good for looking professional.

    Also, I wrote to my MP recently, who passed on a reply from Charles Hendry on the matter (the minister more likely responsible for new technological avenues). He explained that NNL was/is preparing a report about small modular reactors that included some review of molten-salt technology (link: http://ripassetseu.s3.amazonaws.com/www.nnl.co.uk/_files/documents/jun_12/NNL__1340882837_Small_Modular_Reactors_-_Posit.pdf)

    I would describe his response overall as 'Optimistic, Cautious, Unethusiastic' - the lack of enthusiasm and caution relating to the early stage of development and the unknowns in design and functionality, with optimism mainly revolving around the likely usefulness of MSR technology.

    If someone started a project to develop one, I think the government would support it; but I doubt they're planning to drive any development, sadly.

    The more support is expressed by the population, the better the odds, though!