29 October 2014

Tons and Tons of Steel & Concrete & Stuff

Just What Goes Into A Wind Turbine?
Here's an Interesting Little Fact Sheet.
"What Mineral Products & Metals Are Needed To Make Wind Turbines"


Just What Comes Out Of A Wind Turbine
In the UK, over the past 12 months, on average, each Wind Turbine generated 386.56 kW: 

That's just enough to Power 1 of these:

Thousands and thousands of such motors power industrial based nations, to give us the lifestyle to which we aspire.

The purveyors of this technology, based on such an obscene imbalance in the use of precious resources, have succeeded in getting it past the specialist advisers to our Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Their wicked success has stalled the progress of Gen IV Breeder Reactor programmes, taking us to the edge of the several precipices - a sick race between water wars, energy security wars and/or climate change!

It's time to get angry - really angry - with these morons.

Certainly, these 2 contrasting images should be plonked in front of every politician we come across, up to ministerial level and beyond!

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