11 March 2015

Causorrelation - Background Radiation and Flatlined Solid Cancers?

Surely it's a Genuine Causation Link !

"...Considering that evolution, it seems entirely natural to us that life on Earth accepts low dose radiation as a stimulus and has been endowed with biophylactic functions for this, and that low dose radiation may also produce positive effects such as suppressing cancer..."

And since the Earth's Background Radiation has been around for the best part of 4.5 billion years:

 It's Background Radiation First
Life's Resistance to Low Level Radiation by the Evolution of DNA Repair Mechanisms

ICRP Graph
The Flat-line is almost perfectly bracketed by
'Earth background'

As near as can be estimated from the flat-lined portion of graph, the Number of Solid Cancers among Survivors stayed the same, although the Dose received by the 13,494 Group was 150 Times Higher than the dose received by the 12,806 group.

Tourists bury themselves in the Sands of the Beaches of Guarapari, where The Natural Background Radiation is 875 Times Higher than the dose received 
by the 12,860 group ! 
Guarapari Brazil 

LNT Predictions is Not What Happens in the Real World !
There's just too  much Noise from so many other Mutaganic Sources:

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