04 February 2017

Kilgallioch - Here We Go Again - Twice The Price Of Nuclear!

Once the programme is completed, in 2017 this will be the UK’s third largest onshore wind farm, with 96 wind turbines with a generating capacity of up to 239 MW, the capacity of the wind farm will be enough to power the equivalent of 130,000 households per year.

A bit of simple arithmetic:
"...annual UK average domestic household consumption is 3,994kWh..."
"...Most wind turbines should last for about 25 years with normal inspection and maintenance..."
130,000 homes x 3,994 kWh = 0.51922 TWh/year.
0.51922 TWh/year x 25 year = 12.98 TWh
of intermittent electricity!

But Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant rated at 3.2 GW, operating at 90% capacity factor, with a design life of 60 years, delivers 1,513.7 TWh
of 24/7 electricity!

116 Kilgalliock-sized wind farms would need to be built to deliver the same amount of [intermittent] electricity as the [24/7] electricity delivered by HPC.
116 wind farms x £300 million = £34.8 billion.
That's HPC + 93%

116 of these GREEN power plants:
coupled with ISSUES:
"...Apart from water, peat bogs are largely composed of huge volumes of saturated, undecayed plants. A single hectare typically contains more than 5000 tonnes of carbon, ten times more than a typical hectare of forest. But any disturbance leads to lower water levels and to the peat drying, oxidising and releasing its carbon, says biochemist Mike Hall of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

The bog can decompose for hundreds of metres round every turbine, potentially releasing millions of tonnes of carbon. The process is slow, but frequently unstoppable, Hall says. So many wind farms may eventually emit more carbon than an equivalent coal-fired power station..."

Then there's LAND USE:
116 Kilgalliochs at 32 square kilometres each
= 3,712 square kilometres.

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