13 June 2017

666,667 East Midlands Population Reject 777 Wind Turbines And Choose 1 Small Modular Reactor [SMR]

A single Rolls - Royce 440 MW Small Modular Reactor has a design life of 60 years and a availability factor of 90%. On average, it will deliver 396,000,000 W of 24/7, low-carbon electricity, every hour of every day for 60 years.
Every hour of every day, each man, woman and child in the UK uses 594 W of electricity - not just for our direct use but 'our content' of the electricity used by industry, commerce, business, schools, hospitals and everything that provides our wonderful way of life. So:
Small Modular Reactors - once in a lifetime opportunity for the UK

Keadby 68 MW Onshore Wind Farm
Keadby - Sustainability Impact Report
Supplying 38,000 homes equates to a continual average supply of 17,325,571 W of intermittent electricity. This will supply all of the electricity to 29,168 people.

To supply 666,667 people would require almost 23 Keadby-sized wind farms - a total of 777 x 2 MW wind turbines at a cost of £2,258 million.

The site size for 777 x 2 MW wind turbines would need to be 205 sq km.

And Finally:
To provide electricity for the 60 year design life of the SMR, after 25 years a 2nd batch of 777 x 2 MW wind turbines would have to be built and then a 3rd batch would have to deliver for 15 years [40% of its lifespan] before intermittent wind power matched the 24/7 nuclear power from an SMR. That's the intermittent output from 
1,865 x 2 MW wind turbines.

So that's 2.4 x £2,258 million:     £5,419 million.

The most expensive form of Pressurised Water Reactor, the the 3,200 MW EPR at Hinkley Point, has a capital cost of £18 Billion + a 'delayed' cost of £7.2 billion for decommissioning and waste handling and storage. That works out at £7,875 million/MW.

At the same rate in £/MW for capital cost, decommissioning, waste handling and storage, a 440 MW SMR would cost:                    £3,465 million.

Onshore Wind Turbines cost 56% more than SMRs !


  1. YESSSSS, proud to be in East Midlands, albeit by only 800 metres, but it still counts as "one in my back yard".

  2. Very interesting could you send me links where I could find more infomation?
    Great post :-)

    1. The links to Rolls-Royce and Keadby are there in 'off-red' small print.

      The 594 W per person is from the total electricity generated in a year divided by (365 x 24) and then divided by the population.

  3. Wind energy does not word, its a figment of feeble imagination

  4. The Current Conservatives' Greg Clark and his cronies might just as well all be Greenpeace plants, intent on destroying through his current Energy Policy, our values and way of life.
    His so called renewable energy fiasco, backed up by demand management and Smart meters intended to limit our use, should bring to an abrupt end, - his political career.