21 March 2011

Help! I need Somebody, Help!

The Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change

Mr Tim Yeo MP (Chair)                                            
Dan Byles MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Ian Lavery MP
Dr Philip Lee MP
Albert Owen MP
Christopher Pincher MP                                         
John Robertson MP
Laura Sandys MP
Sir Robert Smith MP
Dr Alan Whitehead MP


We picked the side and Manager Chris Huhne and they hold the future of the UK's Nuclear Industry in their hands and control the spend of  £billions of hard-earned taxpayers' money. 

They could spend the piddling £300 million, to get the first-of-a-kind LFTR up and running in 5 years and subsidies UK manufacturing, to get the first-off production lines units available in 10 years. Then we substitute emission-free, load-following LFTRs for our coal burning and natural gas power stations - Voila! in 15 years we could be on a fast-track to meeting our carbon targets at a massively lower cost than any other method.


They could literally pour OUR money down the drain in subsidies for CC&S and Wind and Solar Renewables. Surely, in everybody's heart-of-hearts, they must know that believing these technologies can provide 100% of our future energy needs, 100% of the time, is just wishful thinking. And, at what price ecological destruction and greenhouse gas emissions?

Taxpaying voters, I need you - email every one of these Select Committee Members  ( http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ ) to demand they invite Kirk Sorensen over to present the LFTR case to them and their Nuclear Advisers. If you don't get a positive response, email your own MP and get them to lobby the Committee Members to positively move on a LFTRs study.


  1. I dig LFTR but I also dig wind. Some investment should be made in capacitance battery or otherwise to smooth out production and demand flux more. It would be funny if we found ourselves low on co2 some day.
    I also think nano tech may find a miracle solar one of these days but thats not today. And again if we get a nano tether space solar would also be an option.

    Personally I'm ready to donate to LFTR.

  2. Hello and welcome, darknight.

    Hope you're UK based; if you are, I would regard the best donation you can make to LFTRs is to email every member of the Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change. I explain how to do it above.

    Wind has a capacity factor of 34%, which will never change. The other 66% of the time Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGTs), emitting greenhouse gasses, supply the energy. Batteries as cheap as CCGTs may never be developed.

    Bearing all of this in mind, energy from wind is at least 4 times more expensive than LFTRs. 4X more expensive = 4X more energy and resources used = 4X more ecological destruction.

    Watt-for-watt, LFTRs are more eco-friendly than wind or any other renewable form of energy production.