27 April 2012


Yes indeed - I managed to get myself an invite!


I am pleased to invite you to a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy:

Is there a Safer, Brighter Future for Nuclear Power?

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili OBE (University of Surrey, Dept. of Physics,)

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Prof. Robert Cywinski (University of Huddersfield, Dean of Applied Sciences)
Prof. Robin Grimes (Imperial College London, Dept. of Physics)
DECC Speaker (TBC)

Monday April 23rd - 5.30-7.00pm

Committee Room 6, House of Commons


A compelling, but strange atmosphere with the 'Division Bell' sounding off periodically accompanied by a partial evaporation of the attendees.

Professor Al-Khalili was on the button with his presentation, carrying a take-away message of a dire need to present/inform/educate the electorate as to why nuclear energy must represent the best bet of 'curing' our addiction to hydrocarbons. If peace and prosperity are to be maintained as the inevitable scarcity problem unfolds and the population expands to 9 billion, only nuclear power provides the numbers that add up to a centuries-long, or even millenia-long solution.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to - please everybody with a finger in the energy supply and distribution pie. Just how tortuous can the thinking of the DECC get? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Just before I went down for the meeting, the boss of DECC was thinking of installing an underground cable to Iceland - What???

There was striking clarity of thought from Baroness Worthington, in the conduct of the meeting. In the Q & A session, I tried to make a point about the importance of the PRISM reactor, now being considered for burning our stockpile of plutonium, as a potential game-changer for the UK's 'New Nuclear'. I'm afraid it got a bit lost in the rambling nature of my 'contribution'.

My expectations of what might come out of the meeting were tempered by the realisation that, as a first get-together, we (the foot-soldiers) were never going to have the battle-plan for the next decade laid out for us. The generals need some heads-together time for their plan of action, within the Chambers, but I do hope that, in the not too distant future, they have messages and possibly activities to keep the troops motivated.

Just before I left, the Bishop of Hereford asked me if I was the chap who wrote to him to make him aware of LFTR technology and energy from thorium. After pleading guilty, he said that, in taking up the baton, he had asked questions in the House and was instrumental in the creation of the APPG.

I couldn't have been more chuffed - in my amateurish way, I have made a difference.

LET'S HEAR IT FOR 'LFTRs to Power the Planet'

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