06 April 2012


In this groundbreaking account of an energy revolution in
the making, award-winning science writer Richard Martin
introduces us to thorium, an alternate source of energy
and how it is revolutionizing nuclear power, promising a
safe and clean future for millions, and why thorium was
sidelined at the height of the Cold War.
In 1965, Weinberg and his team built a working reactor, one that suspended the byproducts of thorium in a molten salt bath, and he spent the rest of his 18-year tenure trying to make thorium the heart of the nation’s atomic power effort. He failed. Uranium reactors had already been established, and Hyman Rickover, de facto head of the US nuclear program, wanted the plutonium from uranium-powered nuclear plants to make bombs. Increasingly shunted aside, Weinberg was finally forced out in 1973.

The above is the penultimate paragraph from  Richard Martin's article in 'WIRED'  online magazine:   Uranium Is So Last Century - Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke.

All we LFTR enthusiasts should do our bit and get this book ordered - release date 08 May 2012 - to see if we can get it popular enough to be reviewed where it matters.

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