29 July 2012

Baroness Worthington gets William and Kate onside for Thorium

60 years ago, the young Queen Elizabeth II was handed a plastic bag containing plutonium The 
drama of plutonium 

And here's Baroness Bryony Worthington moving the debate into the 'SECOND NUCLEAR ERA':  Baroness Worthington at TEAC4 Only a matter of a week or two ago, in front of throng of thorium supporters, she came up with the 'sound-bite' of the decade - the Duchess of Cambridge being handed a gift-wrapped package of thorium. We'll be on all of the front pages tomorrow!!!

And guess who's handing the package over?  It's Will himself!

1 comment:

  1. Sigh!

    This is the problem with you guys, you've no idea how crazy you sound to people who've not drunk the thorium kool-aid.

    If you or the "Thorium Baron" hear a load crash coming from the front door that will be special branch dropping by looking to have a wee chat about a dirty bomb plot against the royal family.

    If the media do comment on this it will be in the "and finally tonight" bit about the dog who can dance at the end of the bulletin.