06 October 2012

Robert B. Laughlin - Shame on you - why didn't you tell it as it is?

A Nobel Laureate asks "Fossil energy runs out, then what?"

A Physics Student replies "Right now it would have to be nuclear!"

The Nobel Laureate's response is "What happens when the nuclear runs out?"

A video from Nature Publishing Group, publishers of Nature, which is ranked the world's most cited interdisciplinary scientific journal.  

The energy end game - with Mario Molina and Robert Laughlin.

Doesn't he know that nuclear will last forever? - No! That just can't be.

Why doesn't he impart this fact to the students - the future generation at the sharp end of the energy problem?

This video from prestigeous Nature will get thousands of hits. Why doesn't he tell the world at large that nuclear will resolve his (fictional/confrontational) fears of global wars and, right now,  the science and engineering is in place to do so!

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