29 July 2012

Learning to live with your local SMR (Small Modular Reactor)

"....The [US] Energy Department has taken a number of steps to help jumpstart America’s nuclear industry and ensure that nuclear power continues to play an important role in the U.S. energy mix. As part of these efforts, the Department has worked to advance small modular reactors, which provide an important opportunity for America’s manufacturing sector to make and sell cutting-edge technology...."The U.S. Energy Department Boosts SMR Technologies

Transportable by road, rail and water, this is how living with your district nuclear power facility will look - it's just another unit at the back of your Retail Park:  SMRs - Now you can see just what it's going to look like!


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  1. I would note that you're post is somewhat at odds with the recent NNL position paper on SMR's. While they highlight several "niche" roles for the SMR to play, they are very clear that the represent a sacrificing of economies of scale and are thus likely to be more expensive per kWh than large LWR's.
    (google NNL position paper SMR)

    I reached a similar conclusion some time ago also and discuss their article on my site.